O M N I P O T Y D I P I T Y 

A chance encounter with the Divine. Accidental transcendence. Karmic beginner's luck. Unintentional attainment of spiritual enlightenment. A wandering soul who stumbles upon Utopia. An inadvertent beneficiary of Supreme benevolent favor. Jehovah's pet. Ignorant bliss.

Derived from:

Omnipotent - Supreme universal creative force. An unprecedented event. Infinite; The first big thing. Creative force behind all space, time and dimension. Patent holder of "all of the above." More than everything everywhere all-of-the-time combined all at once. The undefeated champ of rock, paper, scissors.

combined with:

Serendipity - A chance encounter with the sublime. Fortuitous grace. Charmed. Lucky. Ideal.

Omnipotent + Serendipity = Omnipotydipity

or the hippie colloquial (vulgar) variant is spelled:
O m N i P i T i D i P i T i 

** Please note the "Dobbshead" is a registered trademark of the Church of the Sub Genius where slack is sold and salvation is your rebate.